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How To Increase Vehicle Resale Value

Getting out of your old vehicle into something newer can be an exciting, yet often financially taxing experience. So of course, every extra dollar you can get for your old car is an extra dollar towards your new vehicle loan, or more accessories! With that in mind, lets take a look at 5 ways you can increase the resale value of your vehicle.

It’s an extreme example of filthy, but a good detail is the place to start

1: Exterior Clean-up

First impressions are everything, and if the buyers first impression of your vehicle is “beat up old runabout” then that’s the kind of coin you’re going to get for it! Start with a good wash, followed by a wax. If the paint is in any way dull or faded, try the Meguiar’s Paint Restoration products. They do a fantastic job; check out the review of it here.

Wash with a quality car wash

Wash with a quality car wash

If the car is suffering from greyed or faded exterior plastics, the Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Sponge kit will restore these to an awesome deep black. While you’re on the task of making things black, you may as well get the tyres as well with a can of tyre shine.

Paint Restore Kit can help restore that glassy look to your paint

Paint Restore Kit can help restore that glassy look to your paint

2: Interior Clean-up

It’s one thing for your buyer to see a schmick vehicle from the outside, but they might feel slightly betrayed if they hop in to a seat full of stale fries and the stink of wet dog. Start with the vacuum and go front to back, then grab a couple of cans of Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and do the seats and carpets. Not only will this remove light stains, but it will also remove and mask over any bad smells. If you’ve got leather seats, use a leather cleaner and restorer to bring back that clean and soft feeling.

A clean and tidy interior will attract a good buyer

A clean and tidy interior will attract a good buyer

Get plenty of Armor All going over your interior plastics, but keep that stuff away from gauge clusters, screens and tinted windows as it often has a way of etching horrible marks into them. Finish off in here with the classic smelly tree, but steer clear of excessively pungent ones in case your potential buyer isn’t a fan of ‘Pina Colada’. Perhaps ‘New Car’ scent is a good one to go with?

Multi Purpose Cleaner to remove the dirt and filth from interior panels

As a bonus, I bet you’ll find enough loose change to pay for all the interior cleaning!

3: Minor Repairs

There are some repairs that might knock hundreds off the value of your vehicle, yet only cost half an hour and $50 to fix! Number 1 would be your lights. A globe might cost you anywhere from $3 to $30 depending on the vehicle, and Supercheap can even fit these for you for a small fee. A missing or cracked wing mirror can be ordered in, and can be as simple to fit as removing a few screws.

Paint is next! The condition of your car’s paint could make or break a sale! For minor to major paint repairs, Supercheap Auto now offer paint mixing services at ALL stores, all they need is your car’s paint code! As well as paint they offer a range of paint preparation products like sanders, primers and even paint guns for the more experienced DIY users.

It’s common for most cars to have small scratches and a few dents, however, sometimes they can be an easy fix! There is a range of tools and products specially designed to help provide quick fix solutions to your cars minor imperfections. It’s really up to you how much time and effort you want to spend! If you are going to have a crack, check out the range of products available in store or online.

Chipped or cracked windscreens are a big turn off for many buyers. Chips smaller than a 10c piece can be repaired with something like the Ufixit Winscreen Repair Kit. Any larger than that and it’s a new windscreen, which might have to be weighed up depending on the value of the car.  Even your faded and hazy headlights can be bought up like new with one of the restoration kits available at Supercheap Auto.

4: Paying A Professional

Oil leaks are another thing that tends to put people off due to doubts about the severity of the problem and the cost of the fix. If it’s a cheap fix, it might be worth paying somebody to repair just to remove any doubts.

5: Service And Maintenance

If you have service records such as a log book, or receipts for work done on the car; be sure to pull these all together. Nothing is as reassuring as knowing that the vehicle has been properly maintained and cared for. Oil colour and level are one of the first things a buyer will check, so make sure your oil is clean and golden, and topped up to the full mark. Check the other fluid levels under there too, top the radiator up with coolant and do the same for brake and clutch fluids.

Unless it’s a diesel, your engine oil should not be this black

Unless it’s a diesel, your engine oil should not be this black

Take a look at your tyres too, poor wheel alignment or over/under inflation will cause uneven wear, which will not sit well with a buyer. If your tyres are bald or close to it then think about having some second hand tyres with some half decent tread fitted. They might cost you as little as $40 each, which is nothing compared to the $400 or $500 that your buyer could potentially knock off the sale price.

Of course this all depends on the amount of effort you are willing to go through, and the overall condition and market value of the vehicle. But to be honest, even a quick clean up is enough to raise the value of any vehicle, if only by a small amount.

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