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March 20, 2015 Comments (0) Tips & Advice

6 Simple Hacks & Tips

Fuel Gauge

Here we have 6 Simple Hacks & Tips for you to make your life in and out of the car, just that little bit easier!


One. Finding your car.

Ever wasted your precious time trying to remember where you parked your car in a parking lot? One easy way to help make things easier on yourself later is to take a quick photo of where you parked – we know this sounds silly, but it can help trigger your memory. You can even drop a pin on a map on your phone to pin point exactly where you parked – this is great if you’re parking somewhere unfamiliar, or in a busy city where everything starts to look the same. If you want to get really serious, there are apps available which offer extra smart parking features… what will they think of next?

Full Car Park

Does a full car park make you nervous?

Two. Tight fit?

Protect your car from accidental and avoidable damage. Do you have a tight fit in the garage? Have you ever experienced the accidental bump of the car door onto the garage wall? Consider fixing (screwing or gluing) half a pool noodle to the wall for that added peace of mind.  Or, try using door/bonnet guards they don’t cost too much, they’re simple to install and could save you money on repair costs.

Three. Key to success.

Avoid going overboard with too many key-rings. If you think about the inside of a traditional keyed ignition – it is extremely fragile and is designed to withstand a particular amount of weight. If you have too much weight on your key-chain you could potentially cause damage to your ignition system, as the excess weight can wear out the ignition switch over time. Play it safe, remove any excess weight from your key-chain if possible. If you’re going to take any keys off, try using a staple remover as a handy assistant. Simply put the teeth of the staple remover in between the two rings, they will separate as you press down, easy!

Four. Don’t try to be a hero.

Ever tried bringing in all the shopping bags inside in one hit? It can be painful and a recipe for disaster if the handles break… goodbye groceries! Try using an appropriate carabiner to bear the weight of your shopping bags. Connect it around a group of shopping bag handles. It’s far more comfortable to carry and far more efficient.

Five. What side is the tank on?

It happens, you borrow a friends car and to call it even, you offer to fill up the tank. Do not stress when it comes to pulling into the Fuel station, we know you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right, but you don’t want to risk pulling up to the wrong side of the car. Without getting out of the car to visually check, you can usually determine which side the fuel cap is on by looking at the dash. Most fuel gauges indicate which side the fuel cap using an arrow, some even have a symbol of a fuel bowser – look closely at which side the nozzle and pump is on.

Fuel Gauge

See the arrow on the fuel gauge?

Six. Don’t get tired of checking the tyres.

We recommend you inspect your tyres regularly to ensure they’re inflated to the correct PSI. Each car is different, so it’s best to check the PSI rating that is written on the wall of the tyre, or if you’re in doubt check with the tyre manufacturer. Under inflated and over inflated tyres can also impact your fuel economy, so check them often – don’t forget to inspect the spare tyre! Did you know that rotating the positions of your tyres will extend their tread life AND can improve your fuel economy. If you see signs of uneven wear you may have a worn out steering or suspension component, it may even mean it’s time for a wheel alignment.

If you have any additional tips or any awesome car hacks to show us, please share in the comments below.

Drive safe and enjoy!

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