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March 20, 2015 Comments (0) Tips & Advice

9 Tips For The Ultimate Road Trip

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Heading out on a road trip is not only a great way to spend time with your family or close friends,  it gets you out and about exploring the roads. Who knows what you’ll find along the way!

To ensure you’re prepared follow these 9 simple steps for the ultimate trip…


One. Make a plan.

Determine how long you’re going to be out on the road. Is it for the long weekend? If so, plan where you’ll be stopping to spend the night and gauge how long it will take to get to your destination. You don’t want to be caught in a town with ‘No Vacancy’ signs illuminated, especially during peak periods! So have a plan of attack, book accommodation if you can, and put your mind to ease. The more you know before you go, the better.

No Vacancies Sign

Not what you want to see when you need a place to rest…

Two. Know the roads.

Road trips are meant to give you a sense of freedom, so if you want to avoid getting lost or being stuck in road works, plan ahead. Check Google Maps for any roadwork signs along your route before you go – you can even plan ahead to avoid any tolls. Although Navigation units and Google Maps are great for any unexpected detours as they can get you back on track, be covered and have a hard copy map with you as well in case you find yourself somewhere with no reception. 


Three. Less is best.

Pack efficiently. No one enjoys being in a full car for too long, where there’s no room to get comfortable. Avoid over-packing and filling the car to its maximum before leaving the driveway. However, if you must take everything with you, consider installing some roof racks with a roof box. It stores your gear safely and securely, and helps preserve space for treasures you might find along the way, like that vintage Gas Pump sign you found at the antique shop…

Road Trip Image

Looks like they could’ve done with some roof racks…

Four. Keep it clean.

Clean the car before you go. We know how easy it is to accumulate wrappers, receipts and empty bottles along the way, but heading off with a clean car can make all the difference – you don’t want to compound to the mess! There are simple ways to keep the car clean on-the-go too, we have a range of convenient wipes for your car’s interior surfaces which can be stored in the glove box. Play it smart, clean up as the messes happen and you will keep your car feeling comfortable and fresh!


Five. Check it out.

Check the car. This is one of the most important elements of your road trip, you need to be prepared. Check the tyre pressure – even the spare tyre, there’s no use having a spare tyre if it’s flat! Check the fluids. Ensure there is enough oil and coolant, there are handy 1 Litre bottles of both which can be just enough for a quick top up. Check the windscreen for any chips or cracks and ensure the windscreen wash is full. It’s also ideal to check your lights – Automotive globes are a small and relatively simple part of your vehicle or trailer – but have an impact on safety when they don’t function. Make sure they’re all in working order before you go, and consider storing some spares in the glove box.


Six. Don’t get stuck.

Make sure your battery is in good working order. Although it’s true that the more you drive, the more the battery gets charged. However, if the battery has reached the end of its natural life, there may be some difficulty starting the car. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat battery! Have it tested before you go, Supercheap Auto can do this for you. Even consider storing a set of jumper leads in the back – just in case!


Seven. Keep it charged.

Taking a phone, mp3 player, or even a camera? Make sure you can keep these items charged as you go. There are a range of USB and charging accessories which can be plugged directly in your cigarette socket so you can charge while you’re on the road. Some accessories even have more than one charging port – so you can charge more than one item at once! No need to wait until you get to the hotel. How easy is that!?


Eight. Be prepared for any hurdles.

What if your car breaks down? What if you get lost? It’s great to have that added confidence before you go that you’re prepared for any potential hurdle along the way. Make sure you have tools or spare parts you can take with you, or organise for roadside assistance. It’s also a good opportunity to confirm your insurance is valid, so you can be confident you’re covered. It’s great to keep bottles of water and spare snacks and a current first aid kit in the car with you, just in case.


Nine. Are we there yet?

Got kids? Keep everyone entertained and maintain your sanity until you reach your next stop. Road trip games can fill in time nicely. Consider taking turns listing a country for every letter in the alphabet; you could even do this for an artist or band. Other popular games include 21 questions, counting how many times you see a particular word on a billboard advertisement, or even some basic trivia!

Kids playing around in car

Kids in need of some entertainment!


So, there you have it. Once you have gone through these road trip preparation tips you will be ready to get out there and enjoy the road!

If you have any additional ultimate road trip preparation tips, or any awesome road trip experiences to share, please share in the comments below.

Drive safe and enjoy!

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