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November 7, 2016 Comments (0) Entertainment

Behind the scenes – Lubricants TV Ad

Helicopters, Stadium Super Trucks, Mighty Car Mods, Mod Max, Explosions, Surfers Paradise, Port of Brisbane and Brisbane City – 6 months ago if you came to me with the idea I would have thought you were crazy!

We are thrilled to present to you our new TV commercial and online video campaign: The Best Performing Oils Under One Roof – it’s the biggest and best campaign we have ever created!


Driving along the beach up to the “Drop Zone”. A few surprised locals getting a glimpse of the trucks.

Here’s a behind the scene look at how we managed to pull it all together!

Behind the scenes

The trucks doing a practice run up the beach being followed by the helicopter.

It all started 5 months ago in a coffee shop in Brisbane, we met up with our director whose work you would be familiar with from the livery launch staring Chaz Mostert in the quarry. Having worked with him before on such an action packed video clip, we were confident, if anyone was able to pull the job off, it’d be him! Many ideas and locations were thrown around over the next few months including Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour (the same place they tried to shoot the new Ken Block Gymkhana just recently) however this was later denied, which pushed us to more amazing locations and how we actually ended up filming in somewhere like Brisbane City.

Behind the scenes

Full blast through the closed down streets of Brisbane


Behind the scenes

In the months leading up to the shoot, our production team worked day in and day out ensuring all the permits were in place to allow us to shoot in these locations. There seemed to be endless applications that needed to be completed – to be able to actually lift the trucks into the air, we had to apply for special lifting permits through CASA (governing agency) and find a pilot skilled enough who could actually do it!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Anything to get those amazing shots!

Behind the scenes

Action shot of one of the truck drops onto the beach. No CGI here!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes shot of the explosion scene! Again, no CGI, everything that happened on screen, happened!

As well as permits to be able to shoot, there were many other jobs that needed to happen for the shoot to go ahead, like preparation of the trucks! We shipped them all up from Victoria, and painted them all up and then applied each trade partners logo.


Prepping one of the trucks

Behind the scenes

The truck transporter to move all the trucks from location to location

Filming was spread across two 13hr days in late July with around 75 crew helping out. They included camera operators, stunt coordinators, safety officers, helicopter crews, drone crews, data wranglers, directors, producers, traffic controllers, go pro operators, sound recording crew, pyrotechnics crew and even motorcycle mounted police units, who helped us closing down roads in the centre of Brisbane.


Day 1 – Pre shoot catchup

Behind the scenes

Day 2 – After the explosion

Here are some more behind the scenes photos from the shoot!

Behind the scenes

About to drop Shell onto the beach


The camera rigging inside one of the trucks

Behind the scenes

RED Cameras were the main camera used in conjunction with GoPros

Mighty Car Mods

Make sure you check out the Mighty Car Mods behind the scenes video!


Mod Max driving into the sunset


Getting Mod Max bogged

If you haven’t seen the main video, check it out here:

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