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Calendar Winner – February, John Nodzio


Have you seen the Club Plus Calendar? In a recent competition we gave our Club Plus members the chance to appear in our calendar. Meet John, the winner for February. John sent in some photos of his beautiful 1969 Ford ZB Fairlane. We’ve asked John to share a little more information on his ride…

Fairlane 2

How long have you have owned the Fairlane?

I’ve owned the Fairlane for 10 years. The second car I ever owned was a Fairlane the same model as this, my first car was a Gemini, but we won’t go into that today as that was back in 1979. I can’t remember the reason for selling the fairy back then but had always thought of getting another.

Fairlane 3
You mentioned this car had one previous owner, is this car all original?

One day on my way home from work I saw the Fairlane I have now in a dumpy old car yard that use to have the odd mustang or two in it so of course I’d be checking them out as I drove past, anyway when I saw the fairy in there I pulled over and had a look! It was magical, lovely cream interior, no dash cracks, straight body, no rust, clean glass, for its age it was ace.

I had a bit of a yack to the guy that owned the yard who turned out to have a sense of humour so we talked on for ages. It turned out he was a wholesaler and the fairy was purchased from a deceased estate, the car was located at the Geelong ford museum, and it was a one owner. Now how much of that is true… I don’t know.

I checked out all the numbers on the car and they all matched, so no dodgy stuff there, had the original number plates from the 60’s, purred like a kitten!

Fairlane 4

Now you’d think I would have just bought it straight away but I didn’t, I actually thought about it for a few weeks. It was the week before Christmas and I took my daughter down to the yard to have a look at it. When we got there we saw 4 other  blokes eye balling it so we just listened in, seemed they were ready to hand over some cash for the car, the yard gate was open but the owner wasn’t there, I however had his personal number! So I called him, he was up the road  gate crashing some factory Christmas party, I went up there  and it turned out I knew the bloke who owned the factory, hadn’t seen him in years. I told him I was going to drop off a deposit for the car the next day – the rest is history, I got the car!


Can you tell us more about any custom work, rebuilds or modifications done to the car?

The only mods to the car are extractors and stainless steel exhaust pipes. It still has the original AM radio (when I can find someone to do a conversion of that I’ll get it done). It’s a 302 is as it was in the day, even has the original 2 barrel Autolite carby. I’ve rebuilt all the brakes and rebuilt the starter motor and put a new flywheel in. It had a few little rips in the interior, so I fixed them using a vinyl repair kit I bought from Supercheap Auto, it turned out perfect. Under the hood was a little sad, stone chips and wear marks etc, had some paint from Supercheap Auto matched up and put into a can and resprayed it – once again perfect!

Keep an eye out in March, as we’ll talk with Michael Falzon about his 2004 Holden Series III Monaro!

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