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Ray Macri Calendar Winner

Calendar Winner – August, Ray Macri

July 1, 2016 Comments (0) Club Plus, Club Plus Rides

Calendar Winner – July, Jason Carlow

2016 FB Calendar July

Meet Jason Carlow, the owner of this 2008 Ford FPV F6 which features for the month of July in our Club Plus Calendar for 2016! We’ve asked Jason to share some more detail on his ride…

Ever since the first F6 typhoon came out in the BF series my dream was to own one! Money had played a big part in getting that dream. I held off a year or so and then the FG series came out. Well, what an eye-opener that was. Yes, the dream was still alive but when the FG F6 came out they were around $60k and was way out of my reach so I settled for an FG Dash Green XR6T in a manual. After owning the XR6T for just over a year I ended up walking into a better paying job which then provided the opportunity to buy the 2008 Ford Falcon FPV FG F6. I came across this sweet looking nitro blue F6 on car sales…

F6 Falcon

I thought why not go and have a look as it just had a built motor put in it plus some other goodies. I ended buying my dream car and couldn’t have been happier! Seeing that the F6 only needed a few more extra bolt on’s like intercooler, bigger fuel system to get the new built motor going to its full potential, that’s what I did with Jamie Gibson who done all the mechanical/custom work to it along the way, I then met a guy named Wade Bateman, who was also a fellow FG XR6T owner and enjoyed cars etc as time went on friendship grow and then Mr Bateman offered to tune my car after seeing me unhappy with how the car was previously tuned.

F6 Falcon

I put my trust in wade to show his tuning skills and let’s just say it was above whatever I thought the car could do as with the previous tune it felt much slower and thought that’s all the power the F6 had. Street tuning is where it all started and when Mr Bateman thought it was finished we would put the F6 on the dyno just to make sure the car was 100%. The dyno didn’t seem to like Mr Bateman’s tunes has the F6 broke twice and on the second time it pulled the dyno out of the ground dyno bolts and all. The F6 was maxing out the torque that the dyno could handle but managed to get a reading of 800hp on 24psi. We couldn’t use a single retarder  anymore so a dual retarder was next on the card if I was to chase more power.

F6 Falcon

F6 Falcon

The car then ran great for a couple of years with lots of events where the car could shine and that’s what it did at events like all Ford day, Sydney Dragway, Powercruise/Powerplay, Motivedvd’s Cootamundra and more! I would have to say Powercruise is one of my favourite events. Where else can you let loose and not get trouble from the law with all your mates in the car? I always had plans later down the track to build a bigger, badder, stronger, motor but before that, I wanted to see what time it would run at Sydney Dragway!

Powerplay F6

On our way to the track one Wednesday night we had fuel dramas which one of my fuel pumps died so had to do a quick retune before racing to make sure that car didn’t lean out. Later that night after overcoming what we thought would be the end of the night before it even started. The F6 managed to run a 10.7 at 141mph on 15psi with lazy 60″ footers around 2.0, 2.1. On my final run of the night, I thought I would push the car harder, left the line hard car felt good then BANG the outer CV broke and that was game over for the night haha hopefully a better result next time as my goal is a 9sec pass! In the coming weeks, it was time to pull the motor out and build a bigger, badder, stronger, motor. Who knows what power the new motor will make or run but I can say this, it’s built to handle over 1200hp with all the goodies. This time around with no expense spared just so there is peace of mind  the next time my foot goes to the floor!

F6 Falcon

F6 Falcon

Special thanks:

(Carmaster Mechanical) Jamie Gibson for all the mechanical work/custom work done on the car and for all the other help along the way!

(Bateman Motorsport) Wade Bateman for being a great mate, all the effort working on the car and the magic tunes that came with it!

(Process West) Kev for all the great products supplied to me over the years and looking after me

(Gearbox Man) You know who you are. Flawless in how you build them and most likely the best gearbox builder out there! Keep doing what you do!

(Advanced Performance Machining) Troy & the crew have done amazing job building the motor

(247 Performance Hose & Fitting) Brett for all the hoses and fittings. Best products hands-down!

(Mates) Bill, John, Jake, Josh, Andrew, Adrian, Chris, Michael, Pete, Ben and Daniel

(My Wife) Thanks for putting up with the stress and frustrating times of getting the F6 ready for shows and other events. You’re my rock, soul mate and best wife I could ever want! Love ya!

F6 Falcon

Mod List:

  • JE Custom Forged Pistons, Pins, Rings, Locks
  • Atomic Fat Boy Rods
  • Engine Block Chemically Cleaned
  • Block Decked And Line Honed
  • Atomic Head Stud Kit 14mm
  • Atomic Main Girdle With Steel Main Stud Kit
  • Atomic Oil Pump Gears
  • Atomic Heavy Duty Timing Chain & Tensioner
  • ACL Main & Conrod Bearings
  • Grout Filled Block (Half)
  • Supertech Valves
  • Supertech Valve Springs
  • Crank Micro Polished
  • Ross Harmonic Balancer
  • Process West Fuel Rail
  • Process West Race Air Box
  • Process West Stage 3 Intercooler
  • Turbosmart 2000 Fuel Reg
  • KPM 1500cc Injectors
  • Mack247 Fittings Throughout Car
  • Battery Relocation Kit
  • Built 3 Speed Billet Box & Billet Bell Housing From The States
  • B&M Shifter With Transbrake
  • External Transmission Cooler With Braided Lines
  • External Engine Cooler With Braided Lines
  • Gibson Built Tail Shaft 3′ With Massive Unis
  • ARP Bolts Throughout Driveline
  • 6 Pot Brembo Front Calipers With DBA5000 2 Piece Rotors & 4 Pot Brembo Rear Calipers With DBA4000
  • Twin Bush Diff Setup (Which Is An Upgraded Diff Hat Setup)
  • Eaton Truetrac Diff Setup With Upgraded Internals
  • 4 Inch X-Force Exhaust System
  • Precision 46mm Wastegate
  • MTA900 Turbo With 0.7 Front, 1.06 Rear, 67 Front Wheel, 67 Rear Wheel
  • Earls Inline Oil Feed Line
  • Custom 4L Surge Tank With -8 & -10 Fittings
  • Custom Setup 3 Bosch 044’s Fuel Pumps And 1 Walbro 460 In Tank Fuel Pump
  • Teflon Braid Fuel Lines -8 & -10 Through Car
  • Custom Painted Inlet Manifold
  • Custom Painted Rocker Cover
  • Custom Painted Front & Rear Bar, Gloss Black With Alloy Inserts Chromed
  • Custom Painted Engine Bay Plastic’s Gloss Black
  • Super Pursuit Front Seats With Custom F6 Head Rests
  • Carbon Dash & Door Inserts, ICU And Other Plastic Parts Painted Gloss Black
  • Full Leather Interior With Suede Inserts
  • Intellitronix Digital Gauge’s, Transmission & Boost
  • AEM AFR Wideband Gauge
  • Venom 3 Rims In Satan Black In 18″ Light Weight
  • Titanium Wheel Studs And Alloy Wheel Nuts
  • Bilstein Shocks & Custom King Springs
  • 2 4 Channel Response Amps With Hertz Front & Rear Speakers With A Digital Design Competition 10″Sub Ported
  • Car Tuned By Bateman Motorsport With HP Tuners

F6 Falcon

Keep an eye out in August, as we’ll talk with Ray Macri about his 1980 VC Commodore! Stay tuned…

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