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May 31, 2016 Comments Off on Calendar Winner – June, Jack Dolley Club Plus, Club Plus Rides

Calendar Winner – June, Jack Dolley

2016 FB Calendar June

Meet Jack, the owner of this 1965 Morris Mini Cooper S which features in June in our Club Plus Calendar. We’ve asked Jack to share some more details on his not so mini project…

I’ve owned the Cooper for nearly 2 years, having bought it on my birthday in 2013. Since buying it I’ve upgraded to 7.5″ Cooper S disk brakes, fitted a 1275cc reconditioned engine to replace the old 848cc, fitted and repainted some original Cooper S wheels and added a few other personal touches like the roof rack and racing mirrors.

Jack Dolley Mini Cooper

I’m trying to get the interior sorted next, so I recently fitted some new carpets but am saving up to get some custom upholstery done on the seats and trim.

This was the only year of Mini to ever feature swivelling sun visors. Apart from that it’s a quite unique in the sense that it’s an original MK1 model which has the smaller tail lights, narrower rear window, sliding windows, external door hinges and “moustache” grille which is unique to the very first generation of Minis (1959 to 1968). Also the rear number plate swivels down so it’s visible even with the boot open while you’re driving along.

Jack Dolley Mini Cooper

This isn’t originally a factory Cooper S model but it’s been “done up” and restored to look, sound, go and stop like a Cooper S (if not better).

I’ve been part of the Mini Car Club of Auckland and took part in the 2015 Mini Nationals which was hosted by the Modified Mini Register, this was held on labour weekend in Masterton.

Jack Dolley Mini Cooper

I try to drive it as often as I can. When I first bought the car it only had 300km on the clock since it was re-assembled (the previous owner did all the bodywork and put the car back together), but now it’s done nearly 30,000km – can’t tell exactly because the odometer stopped working when it hit 20,000!

Jack Dolley Mini Cooper

I’ve taken it camping, on road trips with 4 passengers and loaded full of luggage on the roof, and even transported a full size lounge chair on the roof for a customer delivery at work. This is by no means a car that sits in a garage and occasionally gets taken out to look pretty for car shows – I want to be able to use it as it would’ve originally been used in the 1960’s.

Keep an eye out in July, as we’ll talk with Jason Carlow about his 2008 Ford FPV F6!

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