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Calendar Winner – September, Colin Falso

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Meet Colin Falso, the owner of this 1966 Ford Mustang which features for the month of September in our Club Plus Calendar for 2016! Colin’s shared with us some more detail on his ride!

The ‘Australian’ Mustangs – the only Mustang ever to be factory converted to right-hand drive officially by Ford outside of the USA! – rare on Australian roads at the time and highly collectable today. In 1965 and 1966, Ford Australia imported 209 left-hand drive Mustangs.  These extraordinary Mustangs were exported from the USA as complete left-hand drive cars and converted to right-hand drive here in Australia then tagged with an Australian ID plate. I have proudly owned my genuine 1966 Ford Australia Delivered Mustang since early 1987, it was my daily driver for around 5 years before I decided to commit my passion to a full back-to-bare-metal ‘rotisserie’ restoration.

Mustang 2

Through much of my research of these Mustangs, over the past 29 years, I have discovered that these hardtop coupes were imported to help promote the new release of the Australian XR – ‘Mustang Bred’ – Falcon. Conversions to RHD were completed at the Ford Homebush Plant in Sydney NSW and by various nearby subcontractors in association with Ford Australia and then sold as new cars throughout their dealerships. Part of the conversion by Ford Australia used a Falcon XM/XP Heater Box for the RHD conversions. They were centre mounted on the transmission tunnel and used the original Mustang 3 level controls. To refit the centre floor console to the car, it had to be cut/trimmed at the rear facing edge at the firewall.


Mustang 3

Genuine, unique factory features to this model include:

– A one piece ‘Export’ Brace with both a reinforcement plate welded to the top cowl area and shock tower mounts.
– A C Code 289ci V8 Engine
– C4 Automatic Transmission
– Kelsey Hayes Front Disc Brakes with a remote PBR Power Booster
– Standard Steel Wheels with Wheel Trims
– 6.965 x 14-inch Tyres
– Two speed Windscreen Wipers
– Dual Function – Rear Blinkers & Reversing Lights
– AM Radio
– Heater
– Full-length Centre Consoles

At the time they retailed for around £2895. Approximately £756 more than a standard six-cylinder XM Falcon sedan of the day (£2140) pounds.

All 1965/66 Ford Australia Delivered Mustangs were fitted with an ‘Export Pack’ from USA. This was a USA factory production line modification, which was also ordered by Shelby American when producing their legendary Shelby Mustang Fastbacks.

The ‘Export Pack’ as noted included the one piece Export Brace and welded reinforcements to Top Cowl Area and Shock Tower mounts.

Mustang 4

When restoring my Mustang I wanted to keep the firewall and engine bay as close to original as per the way Ford Australia converted the car. Apart from a few engine ‘dress up’ items that bolt on – it’s still possible to be able to revert back quite easily to how the mustang looked back when Ford Australia converted the car in 1966. i.e Large blue air cleaner, cast iron intake, remote brake booster mounted in engine bay on inner apron.

Mustang 1

I have been an active member of the Mustang Owners Club of Victoria for around the same amount of time as ownership – 29 years. These rare, often misunderstood 65/66 ‘Australian Mustangs’ sparked an idea to start my own Facebook page in 2013 for owners past and present. To help keep the original Australian history alive, to be a resource of information for anyone interested.. and to maintain a registry of all these Mustangs numbers in existence today.  Search, Ford-Australia-Delivered-Mustangs-1965-66, to see the page. You don’t need a Facebook account.

My favourite product to use on my Mustang is the Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer, both in the garage at home or at the show. It cleans off any dirt or grime and leaves a clean, smooth additional protection to the finish.  Allowing my car to look its absolute best between major cleans and details leaving no residue. This product aided my win in 2015 at the Mustang Owners Club of Victoria Annual Round Up & Concours – claiming ‘Best Hard-Top in show class division’!

Keep an eye out in October for Rob & Sharon Blazic’s 1946 Chevrolet Maple Leaf!

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