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DIY Carbon Fibre Roof

Do you want a carbon fibre roof? Can’t afford the real deal? I’m Ben from the Marketing team at Supercheap Auto, and I’m going to show you how you can transform the look of your car without costing an arm and a leg by simply using Designer Wraps Vinyl, which is sold at Supercheap Auto.



Over the weekend, a mate and I decided that we should vinyl wrap the roof of his car. You’ve seen us paint the wheels with removable paint previously on my mates little Mazda 323 SP20. So now we’ve decided to do a satin black roof without the commitments of paint. Designer Wraps also come in Carbon Fibre and Matte Black. We opted for the Satin Black.

product imageThe paint on the little SP20 on the roof had seen better days. Living outside in the hot Queensland sun for a majority of its life, it has become dull and lost its sheen. Therefore the perfect candidate for a blaaaack roof.

Before I start explaining what we did, we by no far are a specialist and have never wrapped a single thing in our life. We gave it a “give it a go” attitude and we thought the worst that can happen is it looks terrible and we might have to remove it! No big deal!

Before we got excited and started sticking things down, we researched and watched a bit of Mighty Car Mods to give us a bit of knowledge and to watch the technique that was used.


We then gathered our materials:

  • Designer Wrap
  • Stanley Knife
  • Applicator (Came with the product, but we had others as well)
  • Heat gun
  • Prep wipe

First off we removed all the trim off the roof, including antenna and spoiler. We also removed the covers off the mirrors as we planned to wrap them too. We then thoroughly washed the car, dried it off and applied the prep wipe to the roof and other panels. Check out the 12 years of dirt build-up!


We thought we’d tackle a mirror cover each to get us under way. We simply cut a piece of the vinyl to size, plugged in the heat gun and away we went. We stuck on the piece and then worked out any kind of bubbles and creases with our applicator. The heat gun was used to stretch the vinyl around any crevasses. It was quite a tedious task and took us about 15 minutes each mirror. Not the best results, but we were happy given it was our first attempt. We hoped that the roof will be much simpler due to the fact it’s flat.





Then came the roof. After about 20 minutes of going “Hmmm” and pacing around the car, we decided that the game plan would be to remove the whole backing, lift over the roof of the car keeping the vinyl tight and stretched. It seemed fool proof in theory, but the vinyl had other ideas.

We went for it, there were bubbles and creases everywhere. We weren’t overly concerned about bubbles, as we knew we could just put a pin hole in it and the air would escape. We were concerned about the creases and how we would get them out.

We would have to rip the vinyl up, heat it up, stretch it and then smooth it out with the applicator. We attempted just that. The heat from the mid day sun definitely helped us out as we slowly ripped up the vinyl. It removed fine leaving no sticky residue on the paint.

My mate heated it up with the heat gun while I stretched the vinyl and worked out any air with the applicator. We worked from the centre to the edge of the car. This worked a treat!


We then pieced the vinyl with our Stanley knife to let the air escaped. We helped it along with pushing on it with the applicator.



Then came the fun, trimming the excess vinyl and putting it all back together. We left plenty of excess in the roof gutters as this will be covered up anyway. This was just so it was easy to work with.




We then did the same technique with the spoiler and re-assembled! Check out the results. Its bought back a great shine to the roof and it fits in with the cars scheme perfectly!



Overall it was a pretty successful DIY project with great results. Dare to try it yourself? You can view the range of Designer Wraps at Supercheap Auto, online or in store!

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