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This is the perfect situation where you’d want to use the winch May 22, 2015

Product Review: Ridge Ryder Recovery Kit

I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to put this Ridge Ryder Recovery Kit to

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Incorrect Connection to the Battery May 19, 2015

World First Intelligent 8000V Surge Protected Jumper Leads with 12...

The KT Intelligent Jumper Leads with a 12 & 24V Voltage Display will change the

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May 13, 2015

Satisfy your inner ‘clean-freak’

Do you have dirt in your air vents or other hard to reach places? Stress no more

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KT Cables May 12, 2015

KT World First 12 Pin Flat Metal Trailer Plug &...

The ‘World First’ 12 Pin Metal Trailer Plug and Socket is manufactured using

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KT Cables Caravan May 8, 2015

KT 50 Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug & Socket –...

This ‘World First’ KT 50 Amp Trailer Plug and Socket serves a similar purpose

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Perhaps it’s an extreme example, but a good test nonetheless. May 8, 2015

Product Review: Ridge Ryder 4WD Tyre Repair Kit

When it comes to reviewing gear, any type of gear- I always put the product through

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The big orange monster making the air up job look like pumping up bicycle tyres April 24, 2015

Product Review: Ridge Ryder 12 Volt Air Compressor

If you’re new to the off-roading world, you need to know about raising and

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Can be used as a sidewall or as an extension April 24, 2015

Ridge Ryder Awning Shade Sidewall Extension

Camping, 4WDing, getting outdoors and need some shade? Look no further than the

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Little Trees March 25, 2015

How To Use The Little Trees Correctly

These Air Fresheners can last up to 7 times longer! A hanging Little Trees

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Turtle Wax Suds Brush January 7, 2015

Product Review: Turtle Wax Suds Car Wash Brush

Washing the car is a task I have often found best left to nieces and nephews for the

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