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How To Choose & Fit Your Weathershields

What are these weathershields for, and why do I want one? That’s the same thing which was on my mind before my air-conditioning broke. Then I relied on my windows for cool air, leaving me with booming wind to ruin my immaculate hair style in summer, and the choice between foggy windows or rain-soaked door trims in winter.

Fully fitted weathershield

Fully fitted weathershield.

They are an effective means of enjoying the outside air while keeping the dust out of your face or ordering a large fries and coke without getting a wet lap in the rain. They are available for most vehicle types, and you can choose between full size (as pictured in this post) or slimline. They are available in smoke tint or dark tint. Of course there is a trade off with the slimline models; they look sleek and are less obtrusive, but they are also less effective.

So now you know why you want a set, let’s see how easy they are to fit! I’m this set of standard size shields to a 1999 Nissan Patrol, about as basic of an installation as you can get really!

Reading over the instructions, pretty basic really

Reading over the instructions, pretty basic really.

First up, give the window and door area a bit of a clean. Just water or mild soapy water if it’s particularly dirty. In the packet you will obviously find the weathershield, but also some instructions, an alcohol wipe and possibly some clips; depending on your vehicle. Do a trial fitment before you go sticking things on to ensure you have the correct weathershield for your vehicle, and note that they are specific for passenger and drivers sides.

Doing a practice fit

Doing a practice fit.

Once you know where it’s going to sit and stick on, break out the wax and grease remover  and clean the area of wax and grease. Get this right, and your weathershield is gonna stick like stink to a rubbish bin.

Bit of wax & grease remover and your good to go!

Bit of wax & grease remover to get the surface ready!

Now it’s the final step already! Peel about 50mm of backing from the end of each adhesive strip and fold it back so that you can fully remove it when the shield is on the vehicle. Now you should be able to very carefully line it up and stick it down on each corner. Once it’s positioned correctly, grab the end of the backing you folded over previously and remove the whole lot. A good firm press along the length of the adhesive strip will see your weathershield mounted nice and firm.

Pull the backing tape off to reveal the sticky double sided tape underneath.

Pull the backing tape off to reveal the sticky double sided tape underneath.

For most vehicles, it’s that simple! The process is a little different for some vehicles obviously, particularly so if your doors don’t have full frames. The drawback for the standard size weathershields is their size, taking up a good chunk of the open window. This means I won’t be climbing out the window any more when I get bogged up to my wing mirrors.



Feel like installing your own set of weathershields? Supercheap Auto have a range to suit most popular makes of vehicle, and what can’t be found on the shelf can generally be ordered in. Check out the range of Acrylic Protection in store or online!

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