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Meet Tony K, the owner of this 1970 Mach 1 Ford Mustang which features for the month of December in our Club Plus Calendar for 2017. Tony has shared with us some more detail on his car!

What does the car mean to you?

It means a piece of classic motoring history, when cars were designed with unique form and shape.

What is your favourite Supercheap Auto product to use on your vehicle?

I love the Bowdens car care products. Made in Australia for Australian conditions

Where is your favourite place to drive the vehicle?

I like to drive it in the city on the weekend, it attracts a lot of attention. Also cruising through the country. There is nothing like the purr of the big V8 rolling through the hills in southern SA

What do you like best about your vehicle?

I like the shape of this model Mustang, the best in my opinion. It is the epitomy of a ‘Muscle Car’. An aggressive front with large rear fenders to accommodate large rear wheels

What would you like to do next on your vehicle?

There is nothing left to do, but it could do with an audio upgrade.

Do you have any interesting facts about your car?

None really,…  It was factory black, then changed to red, then back to black and now red again.

Are you a member of any car clubs?

None, However I am about to join the Street Machine Club of SA

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Its good news now that the historic vehicle registrations have changed, allowing some modified cars to be on a periodic limited use registration.

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