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Bring Back That Showroom Shine!

Bring back that showroom Shine!

When was the last time you gave your car a good once over?

We’ve all been guilty of it. You wash the car with a bucket and a sponge, give it a quick chamois and call it a day. A week later your cars dirty, grimy and basically back to how it was, but you leave it another week before you clean it again. And again, out comes the bucket, sponge and chamois.

When was the last time you actually gave your car a decent clean, removed the scratches, applied a polish, and gave it a buff?

A lot of people own an electric polisher but don’t understand the different ways to use it! Check out this easy Sunday Project to get your vehicle back to its showroom shine using an electric polisher and the ToolPro 3PC Polishing Kit.

Check out the quick video to see the polishing kit in action. To find out how to use these on your car, read on to find out more!


STEP 1 – General Wash

Start by giving your vehicle a general wash. You want your car’s paintwork to be free of contaminants before you start applying polish and you also want the surface to be dry, so give it a once over with a chamois.

STEP 2 – Removing Scratches

Now your car is clean, you can start concentrating on the paintwork. Have a detailed look over the entire car searching for areas that have suffered light scratching. To start removing them, you will need to select the correct polishing pad to go with your electric polisher. There are 3 in the ToolPRO Polishing Kit.

  • High Density Wave Foam Pad
  • Softer Density Foam Pad
  • Sheepskin Buffing Pad
ToolPRO 3PC Polishing Kit

ToolPRO 3PC Polishing Kit

The High Density Wave Foam Pad has been designed to help remove these horrible light scratches from your paint. Simply attach the pad to your polisher’s Velcro back, and apply a suitable polishing compound or scratch removal polish. (Ensure that the compound is suitable for mechanical polishing)


To use, concentrate on the area which have the light scratches, however ensure you don’t apply to much pressure to the pad to avoid burning the paint. Work your way through all of the areas until you have finished and remove any excess polish with a microfibre cloth.


STEP 3 – Applying a Layer of Polish

Once you have removed all the light scratches from your cars paint, it’s time to move on to applying a layer of polish to the entire car. For the best polishing conditions, it’s recommended that your car is out of direct sunlight and that the surface is cool to touch. For this step, use the soft density foam pad (the one that has the honeycomb pattern), this one has been designed for applying a layer of polish.



Ensure you select the right polish for you the job, this needs to be suitable for mechanical polishing.  For our full range of polishing compounds available check out our website.

STEP 4 – Buffing it to a Shine!

The last step is to take the polish off. Usually, you would need a cloth and a lot of elbow grease, but luckily the ToolPro 3PC Polishing Kit has a sheepskin pad included. Simply wait for the polish to begin drying or for it to turn clear, and using the sheepskin pad, work in small circles to remove the remaining polish.  Some polishes call for the need of a protective wax, if this is needed repeat step 3 & 4 applying and buffing off wax.



Once you finish, and satisfied with the result, you’re done!

This project isn’t really that much more work from your regular car wash but the visual reward will be well worth while! Stay tuned for the next DIY Sunday Project!

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If you haven’t used an electric polisher before, check out this simple video explaining the differences between models and how they are best used.


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