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Hot Tips on How to Paint Your Car

ColorSpecIs the paint on your car looking dingy and faded? Or is it time to give your car a new look by changing the colour? With the ColorSpec paint refinishing system achieving a professional result has never been so easy to do without costing a fortune – as a DIY car paint job could save you thousands of dollars. It’s simple, good preparation and being well organized in your approach will give your pride and joy a fresh look in no time!


We got in touch with Nathan Jones from MotorActive to share some extra tips on painting your car…

  1. If you can’t locate your paint code on the compliance plate, try searching the net. The Internet is a great source of information for paint codes and locations of compliance plates. It is also a great source when removing components.
  1. When sanding, I sometimes roughly mask window rubbers or plastics to prevent scuffing with the sandpaper.
  1. When spraying over a dark or uneven base colour, you might want to use ColorSpec Primer Surfacer to ensure better coverage.
  1. Shake the can periodically during spraying to help keep contents mixed.
  1. Don’t rush! Take your time to ensure an even and smooth paint job.

Nathan Jones






Product Manager – House Of Kolor, Designer Wraps & Colorspec

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