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January 4, 2017 Comments (0) Club Plus Rides

January // Alan S // Calendar Winner


Meet Alan S –  the owner of this FX Holden which features for the month of January in our Club Plus Calendar for 2017. Alan has shared with us some more detail on his car!

We found my 48/215 (FX Holden) in a vacant block in the Wheat Belt Town of Dalwallinu (250 Klms North East of Perth) WA in 1988.

Alan S - January - FX Holden

Under the tree where she lay for 14 years

It had been parked under a tree for 14 years, and was in pretty bad shape but I could still see it’s potential. I managed to catch the owner after he had a few beers and talked him into parting with it for $700, we picked it up just a couple of days later.

Alan S - January - FX Holden

When we picked her up for the first time

Alan S - January - FX Holden

It took 6 years of hard work and devotion but it all paid off when we got the car licensed 2 days before our wedding in Nov 1992.

Alan S - January - FX Holden

Using the car for my wedding, one of my fondest memories.

My most memorable experience is driving this special car that I had rebuilt from the ground up to my own wedding.  It holds a special place in both mine and my wife’s hearts. I have kept the car as original as possible, it still runs on the original 6 volt system with a stock standard 132 Grey Motor, no indicators and no seat belts. It may not be the fastest or safest car on the road but it’s reliable and easy to repair – all you need is a 1/2 inch spanner and screw driver.

Alan S - January - FX Holden

We belong to two car clubs that are not Holden or 48/215 related, just general car fanatics that like to take their special cars out of the garage to be driven – not hidden. As it has now been 23 years and two kids since it’s restoration I would love to give the FX a new coat of paint to restore her to her former glory. But until then, Supercheap is my go to place for cleaning and polishing products to keep the car looking her best whenever we get out and about. One of the highlights was being chosen as one of the Supercheap 2017 Calendar of Favorite Club Member’s rides.

It certainly gets admiring looks wherever we go and makes me proud to own such a classic Australian Icon.


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