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Lend Us A Ride – [Episode 6]

Mighty Car Mods - Lend Us A Ride

Lend Us A Ride – [Episode 4]

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Lend Us A Ride – [Episode 5]


‘Lend Us A Ride’ – Episode 5

‘Lend Us A Ride’ is a 6 part series telling the story of an epic road trip to the middle of Australia from the guys at Mighty Car Mods. Unlike traditional road trips, Marty and Moog must depend entirely on the kindness of their fans to make it across the country in cars which have been lent to them.

In this episode the guys have to give the Nissan GTR back and are left stranded in a car park in the centre of Adelaide. With a last resort effort to find a car, they decide to hold a Mighty Car Mods meet in the car park and within 57 seconds the first car arrives. A couple hours later and with a huge turnout the guys ask to borrow one of the cars from the meet, a Mazda RX7 turbo to continue their trip.

Cars in this episode:

  • Mazda RX7
  • Mercedes 230E
  • Ford Falcon

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