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March // Rhyce L // Calendar Winner


Meet Rhyce L, the owner of this 1956 Volkswagen Beetle which features for the month of March in our Club Plus Calendar for 2017. Rhyce has shared with us some more detail on his car!

“This 1956 VW beetle was my first car, it survived my L’s unscathed, a testament to it’s build quality and gearbox resilience. It’s still my daily driver and gets spoiled with plenty of products from Supercheap on a very regular basis, anything from air tools to paint and car wax, plus everything else in between that goes towards keeping it running and looking flawless! ”

1. How long have you owned the vehicle?

I’ve owned the car since 2012. It was my first car and is still one of my main means of transport!

the emergency toolkit option that sits on the spare like a hubcap, fitted with all the necessary tools for roadside repair.

The emergency toolkit option that sits on the spare like a hubcap, fitted with all the necessary tools for roadside repair.

2. What work has been completed on the car?

“The car is mostly original spec and has always been in good running order, so not that much work was required except for adding accessories and keeping it clean and as original looking as possible. I have done a reasonable amount of cosmetic work on the paint with detailing products and tools from SCA though!”

The old motor that is going to be replace with the one I’m currently building

3. What does the car mean to you?

“The car has great sentimental value, also being the car I learnt to drive in, so means a lot to me. It’s a car that I would have no intention of ever parting with…”

4. Where is your favourite place to drive the vehicle?

“To be honest, It’s such a fun and also sometimes cantankerous car to operate, that even the most mundane of drives is fun and technical enough to keep me occupied! Even a drive up the road or to SCA can be both pleasurable and challenging… With a not completely synchronous gearbox, it requires a lot of rev matching and heel toe techniques that I find to be a  great opportunity to learn to master! Also grinding second gear sounds like a woodchipper munching a bag of bolts, a not so pleasant sound that I prefer to avoid!  The car is fitted with period correct bias ply tyres also, so it really feels as opposite to any other car I’ve ever driven, which is quite amusing…most of the time.”

5. What is your favourite Supercheap Auto product to use on your vehicle?

“I’ve got many products from SCA that I use on the car, but besides the odd 10mm socket or spanner, the most useful product has been the Rockwell multifunction polisher. The ease with which it allows me to remove swirls and defects from the paint is awesome! I’ve also repainted several items for the car in your rattlecan paint line, like the black acrylic,  and have got some of the most incredible results to rival even the cars paint….”

6. What do you like best about your vehicle?

“I love it’s vintage charm and simplicity that a lot of cars lack these days. The white walls, mechanical simplicity and the overall lack of any technology and safety features kind of makes it feel like a very honest and real car that is “what you see is what you get”. From feeling the bumps and ruts in the road to having to muscle the wheel to park it all adds to its raw driving appeal, something most people wouldn’t understand unless they own a vintage car. It’s hard to single parts of the car out, as it’s every little quirky detail that makes the car it is…”

7. What would you like to do next on your vehicle?

“I have many future plans for the car to increase its vintage appeal and uniqueness, but my current ongoing project is rebuilding a crusty old 1957  motor to create a 50’s looking racing engine from early Porsche and German parts. I’m using it as a learning experience to learn to rebuild the motor and learn a few other useful skills in the process. It’s going to be highly detailed with every nut and bolt being polished and electroplated in various coloured metals, something else I’ve learned to do in the process of restoring rusty hardware. Also learning to paint things with a can of SCA acrylic paint to rival that of the cars paint!”

8. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Just that I’d like to thank SCA for the opportunity to be in the calendar, and to thank everyone that voted for my car!

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