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Meet Kerry P, the owner of this 1973 HQ GTS Holden Monaro which features for the month of May in our Club Plus Calendar for 2017. Kerry has shared with us some more detail on his car!

This is my HQ Monaro GTS 4 door sedan, build date 9th month 1973 . I purchased the car in July 1974 with 22,000 km has now logged just over 484000 km. Was used as a daily driver  up until 2007 when a spare car became available in the family. In 2009 rego was changed to Special Interest plates.

What does my car mean to me. As I have owned it now for 43 years. Selling it would be like selling a family member, which it is. A lot of events have taken place over the years, one of those being meeting Wendy in 1977 who became my wife( still is by the way) along came 2 children not long after. Grown up now.

One of  the major highlights( apart from family trips around Tasmania) was attending the first Monaro Nationals in Wangarrata Victoria in July 1998 ( this being the 30th Anniversary of the first Monaro the HK) With only 2 cars from Tas attending that year. After this first event upon returning home. The process was started to form a club in Tasmania.

Formation occurred in 1999 and became the Monaro Club of Tasmania. ( Which now known as Monaro & GM Club Of Tasmania) Have attended other Monaro National events around the country. Since formation here in Tas we have had a lot of drives and get togethers for the club. Tasmania is without a dout one of the best places to drive if you are a car enthusiast.

In November 1998 I was invited to attend the 50th anniversary of Holden in Victoria great event.  One of the most memorable events was being lined up on the start line grid at Bathurst with 300 other Monaro’s when the Nationals were held there in Sept 2004.

What do I like best about the vehicle.? 

Hard to say , I like the shape and the fact it is a Monaro. Who would have thougth when the Monaro was first released it would become such an Icon.

What is my favourite SCA product?

I guess would be cleaning products. Most recent item replacement stero ( purchased with generous p/m from be chosen for the calendar)Thank you.

What would I like to do next on you vehicle.?

No plans to alter anything. Just keep her clean and tidy.

Interesting facts about my car?   

Apart from the info given above. Since then has had a back to bare metal respray due to a learner driver misjudged negotiating a round about in Georgetown Tas in April 2015 while I was giving way to her. Not much I could do was just sit there and watch it happen. Poor girl she was very distressed. 

Did not go in for  accident repairs until Sept, while there I had a talk to the business owner in regard to doing a respray .. He made an offer to me to help save them time and me some money . If i was prepared to come into the shop and pull the car apart and paint strip the panels back to bare metal, they would do the respray and do any repairs needed to panels etc that may be found.

Well I took up the offer and spent from mid Sept 2015 until late Feb 2016 working on the car in their workshop.  Finished repairs and respray and finally back on the road around 18th March 2016. Just in time to attend the Devonport car show on the 20th March. Long process but well worth it.

Wonder-full job done by all involved at the repair shop. Have been to a number on shows since. Was received a top 5 trophy at recent show held at Heybridge. One major event that the Monaro & GM Club Of Tasmania, will be holding will be the Monaro Nationals in November 2018 in Launceston . Date has been finalised but yet to be announced.


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