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October 18, 2017 Comments Off on OCTANE ISLAND // UCSMOKE // 1969 Holden HT Premier OCTANE ISLAND

OCTANE ISLAND // UCSMOKE // 1969 Holden HT Premier

UCSMOKE – 1969 Holden HT Premier

Engine:  540 cube big block chev

Gearbox:  Power glide

Differential:  9 inch

Suspension:  Ladder bar coil over rear end

Wheels/tyres:  Centreline wheels

HP/kW:  1250hp

What work has been completed on the car?

Everything from the motor, diff, suspension & chassis has been worked on. There is not one part that’s not been modified

What does the car mean to you?

I’ve owed the car since I was 18 so I will never part with it

What is your favourite Supercheap Auto product to use on your vehicle?

Cleaning products

Where is your favourite place to drive the vehicle?

It’s a burnout car so I would say Sydney drag way is my fav pad

What do you like best about your vehicle?

It’s old school and I’m in to older cars.

What would you like to do next on your vehicle?

Just keep doing what I do and smash tyres of the back of it.

Any interesting facts about your car?

It first started as my week end cruiser and then turned into a dedicated burnout car

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