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Meet Richard L, the owner of this 1981 DMC12 Delorean which features for the month of October in our Club Plus Calendar for 2017. Richard has shared with us some more detail on his car!

I bought the DeLorean in 2011 as I always wanted an original classic car and was thinking that I wanted a 60’s or 70’s Holden, Ford or Valiant of some description.  It had to be original and unmolested. 

After looking through a unique cars magazine I saw a DeLorean for sale in OZ which was very expensive and thought to myself, I wonder how much I could buy one for from the USA, and what would I need to do to import it? 

After a couple months of ‘chatting’ to the DeLorean community in the states I found my car.  It was a one owner car that had been driven and maintained up to about 2008 before the owner stopped using it regularly. 

I bought the car and then had some maintenance done before it left the states and a couple of months later it arrived.  I was so excited to see the car as a DeLorean wasn’t something that you normally see in the flesh! 

I am a fan of the Back to the Future movies but there is more to the DeLorean story and the man behind the car, John Z DeLorean.  The car is unique, ahead of its time, head-turner and 80’s icon all wrapped up in one.

DeLoreans were built only in 1981, 1982 and 1983.  There is only the one model the DMC-12.  Of the 9000 made there are believed to be about 6500 left.  99% of the parts are still available for the car in either NOS or remade new replacement parts.  The body panels are 304 grade stainless steel and the under-body is fibreglass which is bolted to an epoxy coated steel frame. 

The torsion bars that assist lifting the doors up were made by an Aerospace company that twisted stainless steel rods while they were being cryogenically frozen to enable them to lift up the doors.  They are under extreme torsion when the doors are shut.

I will never sell the car. The stainless steel finish and the shear width of the car versus the height is what I like best about the vehicle. It’s only a bit over a meter tall at the roof.

I love Meguiars products and usually buy that and my Castrol oils from Supercheap. The best place for a drive on the weekends would be a trip to the Barossa Valley.

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