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May 22, 2015 Comments (0) Humour

Our favourite duct tape memes!

Ah, duct tape. Where would we be without this great invention? It’s a cheap fix for so many problems and generally will get you out of a spot of bother.

We’ve found a few of our favourite duct tape memes and photos to give you a chuckle.

1. Let’s hope no one ever gets in a sticky situation where they are this desperate…


2. Oh snap…

bearded duct tape dude

3. What a crack up…


4. Too true?


5. Ah, so wise!

light side and dark side

6. Don’t try this at home, hey…

spare tyre

7. That’s the spirit! Nothing Duct Tape can’t do!

there i fixed it

8. We don’t know about that…

trust me im an engineer

9. Least you’d stand out from the crowd, right?

Mainstream Duct Tape Meme

10. That’s one way to always have a full tank… not sure how accurate it would be…


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