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January 7, 2015 Comments (0) Our Products, Reviews

Product Review: Turtle Wax Suds Car Wash Brush

Washing the car is a task I have often found best left to nieces and nephews for the cost of some loose change. Except for the fact that they always miss a few spots! Well, my opinion of this time consuming task has been changed since I discovered the wonders of the car wash brush.

Turtle Wax Suds Brush

Today I’m looking at probably the most feature packed wash brush available; the Turtle Wax Suds Car Wash Brush. I’ll be putting it to the test on my Nissan Patrol, and given that it is currently winter, the thing is absolutely caked in mud. Knowing full well that going straight at it with the brush will drag soil around on the paintwork, I gave the whole thing a good hit with the pressure cleaner first.

Turtle Wax Suds Brush

The wash brush as a soap dispenser built into the handle, saving me from needing a bucket. I’m using CT-18 Superwash by Chemtech, as I always do on the Patrol. The brush has two controls on the handle. One up near the hose connection to adjust the flow of water, and one towards the front of the soap dispenser to adjust the level of soapiness.

Turtle Wax Suds Brush
It was certainly quite handy not needing to return to the bucket for more soapy water after every panel. You can switch the detergent flow off completely so that you can rinse the car as well, but I preferred to rinse with a regular hose attachment.

Turtle Wax Suds Brush

The brush is extendable too, which makes it particularly handy for cleaning the roof. At the same time, cleaning the roof was its downfall for me. Trying to manoeuvre the brush through my roof bars was tricky, mostly thanks to the hose that didn’t want to co-operate. If you have a regular height car I don’t think this will be a problem, I just had to disconnect the hose for this part.

Turtle Wax Suds Brush

Overall, the brush made cleaning the Patrol a quicker experience than usual. Not needing a ladder to reach the roof is certainly a pleasant experience!

Watch the product video to learn more about this great product!

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