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Rockwell ShopSeries Multi-Function Car Polisher

It’s important to protect your painted surfaces on your car to keep it looking at its best, although it doesn’t have to be a chore. If you’re tired of polishing by hand, or sick of wasting money on professional car detailing, give it a shot yourself with the polisher and help keep your car’s finish looking like new without taking a major bite out of your pay.

The 600 Watt motor in the Rockwell ShopSeries Multi-Function Polisher has enough power to apply wax and polish to your pride and joy with ease AND can also be used as a household sander with the simple change of the pad. Ultimately you’re getting two units for the price of one, giving you a versatile tool perfect for projects around the house or in the workshop.

Polishing the car

Polish the car with ease and get pro results

Sanding timber

Replace the polishing pad to a sandpaper disc and get sanding!

Ever wondered how to polish your car? Polishing your car by machine has huge advantages in comparison to polishing by hand, this is because products you’re using can be worked much harder and longer with ease. Just think, this polisher has  a maximum working speed of approximately 6800 orbits per minute. Now, as a human, imagine trying to replicate this work rate. Polishing in a circular motion 6800 times a minute for about ten minutes or more, while applying constant pressure the whole time doesn’t sound like much fun! Looking after your pride and joy shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be something you enjoy. A further benefit of polishing your car with a machine at high work rates is that painted surfaces can be polished to an exceptionally high lustre prior to the application of sealant or wax protection – it would be tough to get the same quality of finish if you were to polish by hand!

Cut and polish image

Polishing by hand can take hours

This polisher includes a dial on the unit which allows you to select the speed rate, which means you can handle all forms of paint defects, including minor swirl marks or deep scratches on the paint surface. Remember to ensure that the clear coat is in tact before you start the polishing and avoid any areas with high oxidation or cracking.

speed dial

Easily adjust the speed rate using the dial

You’ll need to consider the machine type and pad selection when using a machine polisher. Take note, machine polishers can remove paint surprisingly quickly if used incorrectly. Machine polishers fall into one of two categories; rotary or dual action. Rotary polishing machines are usually the choice for detailing. The circular action creates a lot of friction that can be used to great advantage when correcting major paint defects – although the downside of this is that is it also very easy to inflict damage in the form of burn marks, buffer trails and excessive paint removal.

Shiny Car Paint

Check out that shine!

Like all Rockwell products it has an adjustable handle making it comfortable for larger jobs. Included in the box is a sanding pad and foam pad, everything you need to start working.  The polisher is a tool of many talents. Grinding, polishing, waxing and glazing, this unit does it all!

Ensure you read the instructions and take care! To prevent permanent damage to the paint, limit this method of polishing to once a year and wax your car every couple of months to keep it looking its best!

Start looking after your paint now and pick up a Rockwell ShopSeries Multi-Function Polisher at your local Supercheap Auto store, or view online!

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