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SCA Soldering Iron Range

If you’re taking on an electrical project on your vehicle, you want long lasting joints that won’t let you down. The best way to ensure this is to properly solder your connections.

All of the soldering irons  in the range operate on 240 volt power, and range in size from a 30 watt model – ideal for electronic components and thin wires – right up to the 80 watt model – with enough power for heavy gauge wire. Each soldering iron comes with a pointed tip, and a flat tip.

Soldering Range

Soldering Range

Using the soldering iron is fairly simple, but can take some practice. Plug your soldering iron in and give it a moment to heat up. Then apply a small amount of solder to the tip, and hold the tip against your join – allowing a few moments for the wire to heat. When solder is applied to the join, it should wick through easily.

Soldering - Make sure you heat up the wire first

Soldering – Make sure you heat up the wire first

Also in the range is different sized soldering rolls perfect for different projects!

Soldering Lead Range

Soldering Lead Range

Lastly, if you are going to be using a hot soldering iron, make sure you grab a soldering iron holder. These are great for keeping the hot tips away from you. They also include a cleaning sponge which is perfect for cleaning the tip after each solder.

Soldering Iron Stand

Soldering Iron Stand

Check out the range of soldering products online or in store at Supercheap Auto! Available in Australia and New Zealand!

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