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Calibre Mini Jumpstarter

Product Review: Calibre Mini Jumpstarter

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How To Choose The Right Thinner

Range Shot

Take a look at SCA’s range of thinners, with a perfect product to suit all of your painting needs.

There are four different types of thinners in the SCA Range, General Purpose, Multi-Purpose, and Premium Acrylic and Premium Enamel most available in both 4 Litre and 1 Litre sizes.

General & Multi-Purpose Thinners

General Purpose Thinners

SCA – General Purpose Thinners

Multi-Purpose Thinners

SCA – Multi-Purpose Thinners










The General Purpose and Multi-Purpose Thinners are both suitable for general clean-up of acrylic paints and primers as well as keeping your brushes, spray guns or other painting equipment clean and ready for use!

Multi-Purpose Thinners

Cleaning Gun

Cleaning Gun

Premium Enamel Thinner

Enamel Thinners

Premium Enamel Thinner is a professional grade thinner for automotive enamel primers and topcoats. It’s a fast drying thinner which provides excellent levelling and a high gloss finish.

Premium Acrylic Thinner

Premium Acrylic Thinner

And lastly, there is the premium acrylic thinner. Choose this if you need a professional grade thinner for use with automotive acrylic lacquer top coats and clear coats. This too provides a high gloss finish with brilliant levelling results – and a medium to fast drying time.

Range Shot

If you’re still unsure which thinner suits you best, check out the SCA Thinners Guide.

Whatever you needs are, the SCA thinners range has you covered. Grab the one to suit your job at Supercheap Auto today!

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