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August 20, 2015

How To Install a Tow Ball To Your Vehicle

Fitting a Tow Ball to your vehicle is relatively simple process as long as you

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Incorrect Connection to the Battery May 19, 2015

World First Intelligent 8000V Surge Protected Jumper Leads with 12...

The KT Intelligent Jumper Leads with a 12 & 24V Voltage Display will change the

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KT Cables May 12, 2015

KT World First 12 Pin Flat Metal Trailer Plug &...

The ‘World First’ 12 Pin Metal Trailer Plug and Socket is manufactured using

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KT Cables Caravan May 8, 2015

KT 50 Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug & Socket –...

This ‘World First’ KT 50 Amp Trailer Plug and Socket serves a similar purpose

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