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November 15, 2015 Comments (0) Articles, Entertainment

The Best Performing Oils – Behind The Scenes

The Best Performing Oils Under The One Roof! We’ve all seen the ad! Now see how it was created. Unseen footage from behind the scenes shows how many professionals are needed to pull off this massive task from specially designed camera rigs, to semi trailers spinning out in a controlled slide. We take you behind the Hollywood style commercial and show you how it’s done!

Jackknifing a semi-trailer seems like the last thing you would want to do! Check out how Anette combines speed, braking, steering control and years of practice to pull off this epic stunt.

Check out how the team were able to get all those amazing camera angles. We get you up close and personal with the Mercedes 4×4 that’s been designed to be able to film super smooth footage even traveling at speeds well over 100kms an hour…

Flying a quad-copter armed with some of the best camera equipment on the planet is risky business. Luckily we got the pros to help us film our TV commercial.

We used the best stunt drivers in the country to make one hell of a cool commercial.

Burning rubber is hard work for some! For others, just a lot of fun.

Watch how a professional drift crew use a Nissan Skyline and their mad skills to film our TV commercial.

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