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KT 50 Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug & Socket – No Crimping or Soldering Required!


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This ‘World First’ KT 50 Amp Trailer Plug and Socket serves a similar purpose to the popular Anderson Plug or Heavy Duty Connector; however no crimping or soldering is required during installation.

The 50 Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug and Socket is an integral part of a specialised charge circuit. It essentially allows the passage of charge from the vehicle’s battery to pass through to an in-board one in a caravan, boat or 4×4. In effect they are exactly the same as the dual battery system you’ll find fitted to many 4WD vehicles.

This circuit is incredibly simple and is generally run from the vehicle’s battery directly through to the caravan,  boat or 4×4, via a circuit breaker arrangement.

The KT 50 Amp, 2 Pin Plug and Socket contains stainless steel Phillips head screws to secure cable inside the wire entries and silver plated copper pins to ensure a strong power connection. The KT 50 Amp Trailer Plugs and Sockets are suitable for use with 8mm₂ Cable (8B&S).


Untitled-9Installation is as simple as loosening 4 screws in the wire entries, stripping cable approximately 10 mm and feeding into the positive and negative wire entries. Tighten all screws securely insuring no wires are exposed outside of the wire entries. Replace outer casing and tighten the 2 screws. All wiring instructions are provided with the product.

Each Socket is fitted with a spring loaded dust-proof and splash-proof cover to protect internal pins and wiring while the connector is not in use.The socket can be mounted to a vehicle or surface using the 2 mounting holes provided.

The Plug & Socket housings are manufactured using a strong UV protected Poly-carbonate housing which is virtually indestructible and durable through severe weather conditions. The Plug will not fade due to it’s UV treated poly-carbonate.

50 Amp Plug & Socket

Model No. KT70025 – KT 50Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug and Model No. KT70026 – KT 50Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Socket


  • 2 Pin 50A Trailer Plug and Socket
  • Durable poly-carbonate housing
  • Spring loaded dustproof cover (Socket only)
  • No crimping or soldering required
  • Stainless steel Phillips Head screws
  • Silver plated copper pins
  • Suits cable up to 8mm2 (8B&S)

Watch a complete video demonstration of ‘How to Install’ the KT 50 Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug and Socket.

We also conduct a Bench Test on the KT 50 Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug compared with a Conventional Heavy Duty Connector.

Caravan imageCommon applications for the KT 50 Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug and Socket include providing power to camping fridges, solar panels and other appliances from your vehicle which require a 50 Amp power connection.

It is also recommended to use a fuse in line with one of the circuits. This product is ideal for caravans, campers 4×4’s and boats.

Model No. KT70025 – KT 50Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug

KT70025 KT70025









Model No. KT70026 – KT 50Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Socket

KT70026 KT70026









Model No. KT70027 – KT 50Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug and Socket Twin Pack

Model No. KT70027 KT 50 Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug & Socket Twin PackKT70025 & KT70026








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