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The Ultimate Automotive Bucket List


Bucket lists. We’ve all heard of them, but are we taking them seriously?

If you’re not planning personal goals, chances are you could be missing out on experiences just because you’re getting caught up in your day-to-day tasks. It’s like 10 pin bowling without being able to see the pins – you’re giving it a shot without being able to see the goal. Let’s face it, there’s a stack of awesome things out there in the automotive world that we could be doing, collecting or driving… so why sit around and wait for that ‘one day’? Plan it.

Here’s a few of our own bucket list items which may inspire you. Small, big or just outright random! Have a look…

1. Make the list.

Grab a pen and some paper and let’s get crackin’.

2. Drive your dream car.

Drive your dream car. Even if you don’t own it, find a way to take it for a drive.

3. Hot laps.

Man up and do a round of Hot Laps! Now that’s an awesome experience.

Clipsal 500, Event 01 of the 2015 Australian V8 Supercars Championship Series at the Adelaide Street Circuit, Adelaide, February 27, 2015.

Clipsal 500, Event 01 of the 2015 Australian V8 Supercars Championship Series at the Adelaide Street Circuit, Adelaide, February 27, 2015.

4. Get behind the wheel!

Experience a day in the life of a V8 Supercar Driver and get behind the wheel of a genuine Ford or Holden V8 Race Car.

5. Mod it up.

Do some mods to your car. Simple or extreme, they just need to be something you want to do to your car. It could be something cosmetic, mechanical, or even a refresh to the interior. They all qualify.

6. Experience it in real life!

Go to a V8 Supercars event, for upcoming events and tickets click here.

at the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, Event 11 of the 2014 Australian V8 Supercar Championship Series at Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst, October 12, 2014.

At the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, Event 11 of the 2014 Australian V8 Supercar Championship Series at Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst, October 12, 2014.

7. Go to the F1’s.

For upcoming events and tickets click here.

8. Drive a car with a V12 engine.

There’s nothing quite like it.

9. Drive a muscle car.

Mustang, Charger, you name it. Hire it, buy it, whatever – just drive it!

10. Drive a convertible.

Roof down in the sun. Enjoy the fresh air while feeling like a boss.

11. Drive the German Autobahn.

The definition of speed freedom.

German Autobahn

Cruise the German Autobahn


Go to a NASCAR race. Seriously, how cool would that be?

13. Drive on the opposite side of the road.

Legally, obviously. Visit a country where they drive on the opposite side of the road.

14. Learn to drift.

There are plenty of schools out there that can help you master the art of drifting, check it out here.

15. Perfect a doughnut.

This is simply the act of rotating the rear of the car around the front wheels continuously, thereby creating circular skid marks if it is done right, causing lots of tyre smoke. It is a pretty pointless technique, with no real use except to show off!

16. Drive a car older than you.

This may be tough for some. You could always try finding a car built the same year as you were born. Go one better, buy one!

17. Do a track day.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or you’re a pro, track days and sprints allow you test and hone your skills on multiple circuit configurations – all while enjoying the experience. There are a range of events out there to suit a variety of levels and cars.

Powercruise Powerplay 9th of May 2015

Powercruise Powerplay 9th of May 2015

18. Start a collection.

Whether it’s Diecast models, car badges or Bathurst memorabilia, start collecting something. You’d be surprised at what you can find.

19. Do it by hand.

Cut and polish your car by hand. We know it sounds tiring, and we now have electric polishers to do the job, but there’s just something satisfying about cutting and polishing your car by hand. The old school way.

Cut and polish image

Cut and polish your car by hand

20. Watch all of the Fast & Furious movies.

In order. You won’t regret it!

21. Attend a car auction.

Even if you don’t bid on anything, it can be really interesting just to sit and watch.

22. Go off road and get yourself un-stuck.

Be prepared for any mishaps while you’re off road, things can get a little tricky.

Off road 4WDing

Make sure you know how to get un-stuck

23. DIY Service.

Service your own car. It literally could just be changing the oil and filters, DIY there’s plenty of advice out there to help you on your way. Check it out here.

24. Change a tyre.

If you don’t know how to do it, learn. You may need to do it one day!

25. Give your car a professional photo-shoot.

Got yourself a decent camera? Clean your car up so it’s looking its best and take it out for a photo-shoot.

26. Join a club.

Go to a car meet or join a car club. You never know if you don’t go. It’s a great way to meet people with common interests!

27. Be part of a car cruise.

For a list of car cruises and events, check out this link here.

28. See the Monster Trucks live.

There’s nothing quite like watching giant trucks do flips and destroy things!

29. Go on a scenic road trip.

For some great ideas for some bucket-list worthy drives around the globe click here.

Road Trip Image

Go on a road trip with your mates

30. Install a sound system.

You don’t have to spend lots of money paying for a professional installation, you can DIY! Click here for advice.

31. Complete a custom respray.

Whether it be permanent or custom wrapped give it a shot! Check it out here.

32. Restore an old car.

We know cars aren’t built to last forever, but don’t let that stop you from completing a restoration which can breathe new life into an older vehicle. For some of us, our dream cars come from the past, meaning we can’t just walk into a car dealership and buy one then and there. If you have some time, money, ambition and confidence, why not give a car restoration a shot?

33. Attend every round of the V8 Supercar Championship in one year.

Now that sounds like a dream come true! There’d be quite a lot of travel involved, but definitely worth the effort. Check out the event calendar here.

34. Drive a Rotary engine car.

There are many different models mainly Mazdas but driving a rotary engine powered car is a definite different experience with a redline like a superbike and that distinct sound!

35. Up-cycle an old engine.

Turn that old faithful engine sitting in the shed, (that has seen better days, & you can’t part with) into a coffee table (like Top Gear). If you haven’t got a “man cave” & your better half won’t let you put it in the lounge room, set it up it on the patio.

Image credit:

Image credit:

36. Drive a Rally Car circuit.

Are you a thrill seeker looking for speed and excitement? Then get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of high speed rally driving! Go on, rip up the dirt and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience! There are plenty of Rally Driving Experiences you can do, here’s one to get you started click here.

37. Go to the Isle of Man TT.

If you’re keen to travel and love watching stars in action, zipping between the kerbs at colossal speeds, then check out the Isle of Man TT.

38. Visit the National Motor Racing Museum.

Located in Mount Panorama, the National Motor Racing Museum celebrates the history, personalities and achievements of Australian Motor Sports. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the area.

39. Drive the Route 66.

This iconic and legendary old road passes through the heart of the United States on a diagonal trip which takes in some of the country’s most amazing roadside scenery. For more information, click here.

Route 66

The ultimate USA road trip

40. Go to Summernats.

If you want three and a half days of full on, high octane extreme auto action – including Australia’s top street machine judging competition, the world’s best burnout battle, precision driving demos, horsepower heroics, and loads more, then make your way to Summernats. Up to 1,800 of the toughest Australian elite street machines from around Australia descend on Exhibition Park in Canberra, showing off their love of the street machine to a crowd of over 100,000 fans!

41. Go to Tokyo Auto Salon.

Tokyo definitely has a lot to offer the automotive scene, with intense car meets, the awesome Initial D arcade game at Sega Joypolis and of course, Tokyo Auto Salon. This is your chance to see stunning concept cars, sedans, wagons, imports… you name it. Let your eyes feast on some of the most incredible cars!

42. Camp at Bathurst.

We know accommodation can be hard to source in Bathurst, so why not camp out? It’s a great experience. For FAQ’s click here.

43. Drive around the Nürburgring.

Have you heard of the Nürburgring? It is a 150,000-capacity motorsports complex around the village of Nürburg, Germany – incredible!

44. Go to a 4×4 Show.

Head to the National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo where you will find an action-packed three days full to the brim! The expo is full of the latest products, plus a huge line up of industry experts and special entertainment – perfect day out if you’re into 4×4 and the outdoors!

45. Meet the boys from Mighty Car Mods.

Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of legends, Marty and Moog. These guys started filming videos on Martys mum’s driveway back in 2007 – if you are fans of them now, you can see they’ve come a long way since then! Marty and Moog are still on the driveway with an unwavering focus to show their viewers great automotive projects that they can do themselves at home. If you get the chance to meet them, do it.

46. Teach someone else to drive stick.

The thrill of teaching someone to drive is a priceless moment that you will never forget – especially if it’s manual. Ah, the good old bunny hop. It may seem stressful having the old ‘L plates’ up on the car, but remember to be patient, and take it slow. You’ll get better results from your ‘student’ if you explain first, demonstrate, then answer any questions.

47. Drive or Own (if you’re lucky) a Pre War Car.

There is something special about pre 1940 vehicles. The history, the design, the nostalgic factor. If you get the chance to drive one or at least even sit on one, admire the styling and pretend you’re in a time warp.

48. 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The experience of attending this race is completely worth the major effort required just to get you there! It is the single most prestigious race in the world. We can’t even comprehend what level of stress is put on the drivers and cars over the 24 hour period, even just watching is tiring!

Image credit: Wikimedia

49. Drive a Formula Ford car.

A Formula Ford Race Car experience is like nothing you have ever imagined. It’s an exhilarating experience that you have to try to experience in your lifetime. This is the closest experience you’ll get to Formula One as you experience the purest form of driving available in an open-wheeled single-seater race car.

50. Attend a race at Bonneville Speedway.

Ever wondered where land speed record attempts are run? There is an area of the Bonneville Salt Flats, near Wendover, Utah, which is marked out for motor sports. It is known for its land speed records. There are two events per year which are hosted and officiated at Bonneville Speedway by the Southern California Timing Association, Speed Week in mid-August and the World Finals in October – are you keen?

51. Lift it.

The reason to install suspension lift kits in the first place is to raise the height of your fourby to get better ground clearance and to enable steeper descent and ascent. Not only will a lift kit give your fourby that extra edge, it could improve your driving, highway performance, gear ratios and handling – depending on your needs. First things first, ask yourself, what will it be used for? Mud racing, open country treks, slow-speed rock-crawling, high speed desert racing or just general purpose 4x4ing? Then determine what type of suspension will suit your needs and get lifting!

52. Save someone’s day by jump starting their car.

Nothing worse than being stranded by your car, unable to start it due to a flat battery. It happens far too often. Lend someone a hand and help them out by giving their car a jump start. Don’t know how? Then watch our video here.

53. Attend the Festival of Speed.

Many of the world’s most powerful, high performance vehicles and stunning road cars are on show at the Festival of Speed. The Supercar Paddock is a unique part of Festival of Speed as well as a definite must-see attraction for thousands of visitors every year whom flock to the event each year. There is most certainly more horsepower on display here than there was back in the day with the nearby stables! Keep an eye out for when the 2016 event is listed…

54. Visit the extreme points of Australia.

What a better way to visit this beautiful country than a solid road trip. See how vastly the scenery changes between these four points and set yourself the challenge of visiting the 4 most extreme points of Australia (maybe space this out over multiple road trips!):

Cape York

The boys at Cape York, QLD

55. Own as many different style vehicles as possible.

We’re talking your regular sedans, utes, sports cars or even a vintage model. Having the variety will show you what each body style is good for, in which conditions. This way you’ll learn to appreciate the reasoning behind why other people buy the cars they buy! What a better way than first hand experience!

56. Experience driving in the snow.

If you’re someone that doesn’t get the opportunity to drive in the snow (mainly because of where we live) grab the opportunity if it arises and visit the snow. Drive in it, give it a shot. If you’re not used to driving through snow, you’ll find the biggest dangers are unpredictable weather conditions and unprepared vehicles. But the challenge is worth it and is definitely a handy skill to have. Road conditions can vary from flat and easy to narrow, winding, steep and slippery… so make sure you know what you’re doing first, be prepared and drive safely!

57. Go to a Club Night.

We’re talking the Club Night that we host for our Supercheap Auto Club Plus members with stacks of exclusive offers! Not a Club member? Sign up here and reap the benefits!

58. Own something autographed.

If you’re a real fan we’d sure you’d already have something signed by the professionals… or at least you’d like to! It could be V8 Supercars memorabilia, a signed F1 cap, an autographed Bathurst poster…

Got ideas of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments below! We’re only going to keep on adding to the list….

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