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ToolPRO Digital Torque Wrench Adaptor

A torque wrench is essential to doing a quality job when working on your vehicle, and The ToolPRO digital torque wrench adaptor provides a compact alternative to a traditional torque wrench.

It comes with adaptors to fit 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive ratchets and breaker bars so it’s such a versatile little unit making it perfect for mechanics or the home handy man or anyone really who needs one torque device for ALL their needs!


The digital display allows for quick and accurate setting of torque specifications by simply navigating through the menu with the large easy to use rubber coated buttons. It has a range of 40 to 200Nm so it’s large enough for almost any job in the engine bay. It’s also really accurate to within 2% of the desired setting meaning you will never be close to over tightening a nut or bolt!

Another handy feature is the option to save commonly used torque settings through a preset menu. When you need that torque setting, instead of setting it all up again, just select the preset (P01, P02, P03………. P49, P50) and your instantly good to go!

ToolPRO Torque Wrench Adapter

ToolPRO Torque Wrench Adapter

Once you’re finished with it, just throw it back in the toolbox as the Auto Shut Off feature will ensure you never drain the battery unnecessarily.

So for quick and accurate torque adjustment across a wide range of fasteners, grab yourself a ToolPRO digital torque wrench adaptor today.

Available in store or online in both Australia and New Zealand!

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