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ToolPRO Petrol Pressure Washer (5.5HP) – Product Review

ToolPRO Petrol Pressure Washer - 5.5HP

“That thing couldn’t pull the skin off a cold custard!” is a term one might apply to grandma’s old Datto, or maybe the scrawny new apprentice at work. But it’s certainly not a term to be used around the Toolpro 5.5. Horsepower pressure cleaner.

Being a long time 4wder, I’ve given a hard life to many pressure cleaners. Some of them department store cheapies, others more expensive; but all of them electric. It would seem that perhaps a petrol model might be more suited to my needs!

ToolPRO Petrol Pressure Washer - 5.5HP

At a first glance unpacking the machine it appears to be pretty sturdy and well built. Minimal assembly is required, just putting the wheels and handle on; and of course filling the sump with oil (Chief Chocatan SAE 30 works a treat) and the tank with fuel. Don’t do what I nearly did and put the fuel in the detergent tank. The detergent tank is at the front, the fuel is on the top.

The first trial was on a greasy and sandy build up on my carport floor. I attached the 0 degree nozzle for maximum pressure (because nobody ever got a new toy and played with it on the minimum setting) and blasted away at the filth. I was pretty impressed at the amount of debris flying away from me, until I released the trigger and saw that not only was the grease gone; but so was the top layer of my concrete floor…bummer. Pretty funny though! It took a while to do the garage, so I’d be grabbing the patio cleaner accessory for future surface cleaning.

ToolPRO Petrol Pressure Washer - 5.5HP

Next I turned my attention to the 4wd, this time switching to a lower pressure, wider spray nozzle. Unless you’ve got concrete all over your paint or something, I’d suggest not using the 0 degree nozzle! Even with the wider spray, I’m careful to avoid directing pressure on any area where a seal lies, or any plastic and rubber parts. The undercarriage of the Patrol came up great, and to make it look even newer, I always soak the underneath with Lanotec Lanolin, which also repells rust! Just don’t take it offroad again for a week or two, dust sticks to it like you-know-what to a blanket.

ToolPRO Petrol Pressure Washer - 5.5HP

I just managed to get halfway through the car job when dad pinched it to clean the eaves around the house. Using the 0 degree nozzle again, the pressure from the ground 5 metres away was still enough to knock wasp nests and spider webs off the roof.

So what don’t I like? The water connection is the part I have the biggest grief I have. It’s solid enough, but with the pressure pump being located under the machine, you’ve gotta get right down on your knees and bend over to see where you’re plugging the hose in. Make sure you’ve got a good quality hose and connection as well, it becomes frustrating very quickly when the 5 buck garden hose keeps working loose, compounding the first issue even further.

ToolPRO Petrol Pressure Washer - 5.5HP

After being subjected to the never ending duty of keeping 2 dirt bikes and 3 4wd’s nice and shiny, the pressure washer no longer looks as pretty as it did out of the box. There are more shades of brown than there were red, but she still blasts mud off my Patrol (and onto my brother’s Falcon) just as well as day one!

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