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June 16, 2015 Comments (0) Articles, Entertainment

Let us ask you some Super Tough Questions!

Tough Question #1

More time to work on the car? Or more money to work on the car? This is a tough one. The general consensus on Facebook was that our fans wanted more money. Naturally this would allow us to buy more precious parts for our pride and joy, or even pay for someone else to do the work. But that’s not the same is it. Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from investing some hard time into your car with some hard yakka!

Tough Question #2

Unlimited fuel, unlimited battery… Think of the brilliance of never having to stop for fuel again! Or think of all the Mighty Car Mod videos you could watch…

Well, the results came in… I think most of us can agree there is more value in unlimited petrol/fuel!

Tough Question #3

Get comfortable and enjoy the serenity in the middle of nowhere? Sometimes this can be an opportunity to accept a much needed break. On the other hand, you could sit amongst the stresses of peak hour yet have help easily accessible, but at what cost?

Tough Question #4

No fuel? Or a leak?

Tough Question #5

Sometimes company of your friends is all you need, on the other hand, having a sports car may be all the company you need… What would you rather?

Tough Question

Whatever you’d choose, you’d need quite a few products from Supercheap Auto to breathe some life back into your car! Key to success: Never neglect your car, inside or out!

Tough Question

We all love a good drive, but is it worth driving an extra 500kms on bitumen for a more comfortable ride? Or, just tough it out and enjoy the dirt road and its bumps for 400km…

Tough Question

OK, now this is a tough one… Can we have both?

Tough Question

Maybe in the future these will be additional options for your new car? Maybe we’re dreaming…

Tough Question

The general consensus for this one was terrible fuel economy. We guess no one wants to back to to the days of listening to this:


Tough Question

We asked Facebook, and the answer was obvious. How could we live in a world with out turbos!

Tough Question

Both please! Some people out there are lucky enough to have both…

Tough Question

A 10 car garage would be sweet, filling it might be tough… unless you shop at Supercheap!

Tough Question

OK, now this is a tough one!

Tough Question

Drag or drift… what events do you prefer to watch?

Tough Question


Stay tuned for more tough questions!

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